I channelled my inner Freddie Flintoff this weekend and decided to show off styling skills, during a really, really cold day. Would I have loved to be flown to sunnier climes and worn some shorts and flip flops? Of course I would, who wouldn’t. But instead of getting myself primed for a tan, I pulled on a thick parka and a pair of boots that would give an Everest climber boot-envy and hit the countryside.

I even saw a bloody horse you know.

The parka, thick as you’d need it with a really cosy faux-fur collar, really keeps the chill off, with enough pockets to lose your phone in. Absolutely perfect for this interchangeable weather. You don’t know whether you’ll be sweating or snowed on. Selfish, really.

And the boots. Boy howdy, those boots. Supporting and really nice looking, these boots are going to be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Every wardrobe should have an abundance of brown shoes; from brogues to boots, to derbies, if you aren’t wearing brown, you should really start. Who doesn’t love brown and blue? People who hate themselves, that’s who. Don’t be that person.

But lets talk about Jacamo for a second. Jacamo has long had a reputation as one of the most accessible plus size retailers around, making more and more in-roads in the physical high street for those people who aren’t represented by super skinny jeans. And it’s clear to see why; the market for plus size fashion has never been (excuse the pun) larger. In fact, there has never been such a more visible presence for plus size fashion, with brand after brand trying to chase the portly pound.

But Jacamo has us so covered that we might never need shop anywhere else again. From casual outfits all the way through to trend inspired suiting, it has everything that you might need when you get dressed in the morning. They even stock brands like French Connect, Under Armour and Lacoste, as well as their own in-studio brands like Flintoff for Jacamo, and Label J.

You can find EVEN MORE Jacamo products at http://www.jacamo.co.uk. Look! Here’s some boots! And here’s some coats as well! Crikey, would you look at those?