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It’s January everyone, and we know what that means: realising how much weight we put on over Christmas and putting a plan in place to do something about it. Luckily Marks and Spencer have got you covered. Not only do they have a new range of food that brags about helping you lose weight without losing out on delicious food, but they also have a brand new range of athletic gear so you can get yourself to the gym without looking out of style.

A snazzy blue/grey/black palette, mixed with hard working materials and moisture wicking technology, the package contains almost everything that you would need; even running leggings. Running leggings, can you believe it? M&S! I know!

Zip up tops with funnel collars, functional shorts and trousers and reflective details cover every single thing you might need while you’re out for a run, or slinking into Tesco after a lackadaisical work out, eyeing up a Crunchie.

You can even buy a back pack to stuff all your stinky, disgusting gear in, a water bottle that’s ergonomically shaped so it doesn’t get thrown across the gym during a vigorous lip sync to In The Navy on the treadmill, and activewear gloves. Which is a new one of us.

Give it a try; t-shirts start at £15. GET FITTED