Instead of wasting your time blathering on about how brilliant the newest addition to the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen is, I’m going to show you my ten favourite references that have been scattered throughout the book, and fleshed out the LoEG Universe.

1. The Two Doctors. 

Regardless of how you feel about how badly Stephen Moffet has written Doctor Who for the past few years, and his hidden level of misogyny, there’s something decidedly brilliant about having two of the Doctors show up at one of the most important parts of the book; the final meeting with Andrew Norton, the Prisoner of London. Even though they are walking away from the danger, perhaps not to get involved in another adventure, or perhaps Rory is going to die somewhere, it doesn’t matter, because adding them into the background cast, but obvious enough for us to see is a great little tidbit.

Also, this is Brains from Thunderbirds‘ second appearance in the LoEG Universe.

2. BBC sitcom characters.

Yes, this is another reference to the BBC’s creative output, this time centred on the sitcoms that have made people laugh for the past fifteen years or so. In order of appearance;  (from left to right) Swiss Tony, him from the Suits You sketch from The Fast Show, Vicki Pollard, Lou from Little Britain, and Andy, pegging it something rotten, from Little Britain.

3. It’s not just the Brits.

There’s even appearances from other famous time travellers, who seem to be running when the bad shizzle seems to be going dizzle. Notice the pint sized temporal pipsqueak Hiro from Heroes? He might look like he’s straining to do a poo, but he’s actually on his way to save Charlie, or kill Charlie, or whatever it is this week. No Sylar though.

4. McGonagall’s tit.

There’s nothing really to be said about this. It’s Professor McGonagall’s left tit. For all the World to see.

5. Nomi Malone.

Nomi Malone might not mean much to you if you weren’t hitting puberty face first during the 90s, but for those that were, she’ll be one of the first stimulants that made you feel a bit wobbly inside.

Of course, if you were going to include a character from ‘Striptease’ it would have to be Elizabeth Berkeley’s character, who turned stripping as Goddess into a career defining (we didn’t say good) moment. Why it’s in Orlando’s room I have no idea. Maybe he’s a massive fan of Saved By The Bell and even has a JC Slater lunchbox.

6. It’s not just movie stars who get included.

Supermarkets are getting brought to life as well, daubed with his own caustic opinion. It’s not Waitrose or even Sainsburys, but bane of the High Street, Tesco. The bag reads “TESCO: We control every aspect of your lives.”


7. Poor Charlie.

If some small synapse of your brain fired when you read ‘Driveshaft’ but weren’t aware where it came from, let me fill in the blanks. It’s from Lost isn’t it! It’s Charlie’s band. Charlie was the one who was also in Lord Of The Rings and Hetty Wainthrop Investigates.

8. “…that cow is far away.”

I don’t know really know what’s going on in this panel, but the front covers of the magazines are enough to make up for it. Mainly because it’s the catchphrase of perennially sozzled priest, Father Jack from Father Ted. Oh, and there’s the Bat signal too, but we all knew that.

9. Harry Potter? Try again. 

To maybe shift the focus away from the claims that the villain of the entire piece is a parody of Harry Potter, Moore has dropped hints that it might not be as obvious as that. Inside the office at “Hogwarts”, the file on the Moonchild has the name ‘Will Stanton’ on it, and not Harry Potter. So stick that in your clungehole!

10. This little lady.

I’m not going to spoil who she is, or what she does, but it’s easily the best way that I’ve ever seen a story resolved with the Deus Ex Machina plot point.