In an amazing display of detective skills, award winning actor and, seemingly, great guy Dylan McDermott has solved his own Mother’s murder AND even revealed that there was a police cover up surrounding it.

What have you done today? Managed to fart and not poo yourself? *slow claps*

When McDermott was a bitty five year old, and called Mark, his mother was shot fatally in the head (well we’re not all Jack Branning are we?) but a verdict of accidental shooting was called because renowned druggie and gangster John Sponza was cleaning his gun and it just happened to go off.

But, and this is where it gets Murder, She Wrote, Sponza was also a police informant and his father was an influential jailer, so it seems that he had got his son off a murder charge. But don’t worry, because John Sponza was found in the trunk of a car in 1972.

How amazing is it that art seemed to imitate life and a Channel 5 daytime movie was brought to life before our very eyes.

So, from now on, fuck Ghostbusters and fuck Columbo. Want a case solving, call Dylan McDermott, if we’re lucky he might bring Julia Roberts with him to do the CSI shit.

Wow, Dylan McDermott. Looks like there are some perks of looking like David Schwimmer.