“Sorry? Moi? Not really.”

It seems that the grudge match between Jimmy Carr and David Cameron is far from actually being resolved, and looks like it might escalate into using chairs and ladders to find a winner. Although both being posh nancies, it’ll probably fall down to who can hire the better nanny and owns the most estate.

Tensions mounted when David Cameron, probably unfairly, singled Jimmy Carr out for his morally abhorrent but still legal attempt at not paying as much tax as he probably should, and said that he was “morally wrong” for not paying his way.

And now Carr has responded by saying that

He’s having a meeting with Obama, says excuse me Obama, there’s something I need to deal with, Jimmy Carr’s a fucking dick


What sort of fucking cunt would leave a kid in the pub?

Which are both legitimate points really. But instead of David Cameron shaking in his comfortable, yet insanely expensive shoes, it should be Gary Barlow and the members of Take That who are shaking like a shitting dog, because now that Cameron has said that Jimmy Carr is morally wrong for tax avoidance, this means that Tory donor and Royal arse licker, Gary Barlow is also at fault.

What makes it slightly worse, is that Carr has repeatedly apologised for his actions to people who have gone to his live show, as well as on 8 Out Of 10 Cats, but, perhaps due to his unpleasant persona onscreen, it didn’t really seem like he was sorry at all. Perhaps he was just sorry that he’d been found out.

We really need to put the members of Take That, Jimmy Carr and David Cameron in a massive ring and see who comes out on top. There can only be one winner.