What’s that? You couldn’t hear Big Brother because the country was snoring so loudly at Benedict’s incessant preaching and lectures about knocking one out in the shower? Well, I’m not surprised. The man was like a wet Sunday when you’ve just released that you’ve got so much homework to do and you can’t be arsed to do it. He’s a total buzzkill. Which isn’t really what you would expect for someone who is a stripper and a porn star.

Perhaps people like Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy have spoiled porn stars for us all by being all bi-polar and crazy, or maybe he’s one of the rare few that aren’t so pumped full of collagen and heroin that he retains some part of his original personality. But either way, having a porn star that was crazy and did more than prepare lesson plans for housemates (with grading plans and smiley face stickers) would’ve been nice.

Even towards the end of the week when he started showing a bit more bite with housemates that irritated him, he still couldn’t shift the mental image of a teacher irked by unruly students. Perhaps that might be because he was essentially telling off people who could be his students, or perhaps because of the age gap in the housemates, with Benedict being the oldest, it could be a natural sedimentary settling.

Either way, Benedict won’t be a miss, just like Chris and Victoria before him.

Never mind.

Predictions for next week: Deana and Caroline up for eviction with Deana going home.