As Cheryl ‘Don’t Call Me Cole’ Cole totally says that a Girls Aloud musical would be a brilliant idea, and gets her name in the papers yet again, it got me thinking. A Girls Aloud musical would be fifty shades of beige but with some toe tappingly brilliant moments, mainly because the show would revolve around a girl’s night out or some such bollocks and not focus enough on the autobiographical aspect that need addressing.

But what should a Girls Aloud Musical have in it? Worry no more, because I’ve got the answer right here.

1. An elaborate opening number, like the opening scene of Macbeth, but instead of three witches, there’s Davina McCall, Louis Walsh, Geri Halliwell and Pete Waterman cooking up an scheme to create the greatest girlband in the World, and change music forever.

2. “It Shoulda Bin Me!” Javine and Nicola Ward’s duet about their time with Girls Aloud. Javine can wear a big Russian hat like what Elaine Paige is best known for.

3. It should address why ‘Life Got Cold’ sounded like that Oasis song.

4. Nadine should go away to Wizarding School (or wherever she’s been) and come back, three years later as She Who’s Album Shall Not Be Named, teaming up with Lily Allen and Him from Busted to take down Girls Aloud from the inside.

This is only four of the things that’s should be in it. What do you think?