How would you feel if someone said this sentence to you?

Dear Commissioning Editor. I want to write a one off comedy psychoanalysing some of the most important female figures in history. And I want to have some of the best women of drama and comedy to star in it.

Needless to say you’d be over the frigging moon wouldn’t you? It’s such a clever idea that we should all feel pretty stupid, like Jodie Marsh level stupid, that one of us hasn’t come up with it before now. Who do we have to thank for this? Only the saviour of Tiger Aspect and Endemol, Ben Cavey. He’s the person sort of responsible for Benidorm, Grandma’s House, as well as whatever comedy Harry Enfield is saying he’s doing this week.

Using his trademark Lasso of Awesome, he’s brought in Rebecca Front and Samantha Spiro from Grandma’s House, Sheila Reid from Benidorm and Catherine Tate from almost everything at one point, to play some of the greatest female influences from the farthest places of history. Ever wanted to see a petulant teenage Joan of Arc blame everything she does on God? Or a vaguely schizophrenic Beatrix Potter who thinks that pigs are dirty bastards? Or even a romantically misguided Eva Braun? Well now you can, and have a good old laugh at their expense when maybe we should feel a bit sorry for them.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the steely and focused psychoanalyst played by Rebecca Front. Between keeping a Judy Garland in check between impromptu performances of  ‘Clang Clang Clang Went The Trolley’ and dancing to a morose Queen Victoria, or listening to all the things that Edith Piaf actually regrets (“both the hit and runs” is probably my favourite line of the year), Front keeps things from being too slapstick and unbelievable, despite the fact that we’re listening to how Eva Braun think that she’s met Mr. Right. Being the straight gal that doesn’t detract from the humour and even adds to the impeccable timing isn’t something that everyone can do, and it’s used to excellent effect.

With additional stars that includes a foul mouthed Mother Theresa, an Frida Kahlo completely unaware of her facial hair, and Sarah, the bragging wife of religious Alpha Dog Abraham, Psychobitches is something that you either have to see, or regret not seeing for the rest of your life.

Psychobitches might be on your Virgin On Demand or whatever Sky are limping to the finish line with.