It’s like a hug in a mug

If, like me, you thought that Prometheus was as glorious as a thousand suns but had a plot that had more holes than Kurt Cobain’s favourite jumper, then don’t feel too bad. Not because a better version of Prometheus is getting released any time soon, but because gradually, like sand in an hourglass, or the urine of an elderly gentleman, deleted scenes and extra information is getting released very slowly.

This time, it’s coming from Creatures Inc, who create the prosthetics and suits for The Engineers and their Facebook page.

Instead of the first scene in the film, with all that fancy CSI dissolving, there’s more of a ritual feel to it, with Elder Engineers accompanying the sacrifice that seeded that planet with life.

What does this mean in the long term? Probably nothing, but we wouldn’t be clamouring over minuscule information if Prometheus wasn’t that bad would we Ridley Scott?

Will there be more juicy information lying on the cutting room floor? Probably, And I’ll hold out hope for the scene where they like up Elizabeth Shaw to Ellen Ripley via an amorous Replicant.