If there’s one thing that I love more than life itself it’s when people get what they deserve.

So needless to say I was over the moon that Chris Brown had a bottle thrown at him. I was even more chuffed that it was fellow rapper (and possible wrapper) Drake who allegedly did it.

It’s not because I’m particularly bothered about Chris Brown as a person, to me he seems to be in a massive competition with the rest of the World to out-cunt his past self, but the more he gets himself about and makes a fool of himself, the more I enjoy it.

Just to clarify: want to beat a woman viciously? Just call it being a part of “Team Breezy” and it’s acceptable.

Want to gloss over the fact that you beat a woman viciously and have a tenuous grip over your anger? Win a Grammy and tell everyone to fuck off.

It’s like he lives his life in a bubble of perpetual disembodiment and only comes together when he needs to do something offensive to keep his name in the public.

What a dick. Let’s hope that Drake did punch him. And it hurt. Lots.