Everyone thought that they wouldn’t last, and that they were a flash in the pan couple hoping to clutch on whatever thin grip of celebrity that they might have once had, but it seems that Chantelle Houghton (who’s somehow only 28) and Alex Reid have brought a bundle of joy into the twisted game of cat and mouse they play with the paparazzi and people who read new!.

And how did they announce it? By ringing family members and friends? Of course not, by informing everyone over Twitter and the editor of OK! of course.

If you’ve seen early or late series of Real Housewives of Orange County you’ll be aware of Slade Smiley. He worked his way through the gated community to fund a lifestyle that he couldn’t afford himself.

Basically, this is Alex Reid.

Being rocketed from relative obscurity to national laughing stock in the space of time it took Katie Price to open her over inflated lips, Reid has done pretty much anything to stay in the public eye. Even Chantelle it would seem. Boom.

But congrats all the same.

Now who’s going to explain Roxanne to the little mite?