Mike Stock, one third of pre-millenial hit makers, Stock Aitken and Waterman, has shown his displeasure at acts like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj getting their vaginas out to sell pop music.

Speaking to the Independent on Sunday (yes, I’m cultured you berks), Mike had these words to say:

It’s easy: if you haven’t got much of a sell – stick some sex in the video and the job’s done. It’s both easy and lazy. And probably shows a lack of ability to do something else.

Adele doesn’t have to resort to the sexual thing, she’s there because of the songs. It’s largely the Americans, to be honest – the new breed of rap and Lady Gaga types. They’re all just…sluttish. And young girls think they are someone worth emulating.

Without sounding a little Helen Lovejoy about it, it’s undoubtedly true. How many Rihanna videos can you remember where the song has been piss poor? Lots. Or Nicki Minaj flaunting her curves (read: getting her tits out almost) to a rubbish dance track that sounds different enough from a Calvin Harris song that it doesn’t result in a court case.

There’s a thing going around Twitter that compares some Jimmi Hendrix lyrics to the lyrics of ‘Stupid Hoe’ by Nicki Minaj and it’s baffling that kids can find these people life affirming, and that they actual better their lives listening to it.

Young people are obviously stupid, they’ve made Cheryl Cole some sort of demigoddess in a bad weave. That woman can literally do no wrong. Give her a bag of shit and it’ll be Number One in weeks.

But is it a good thing? Puberty ridden teenagers would suggest that it’s the best thing since mp3 headphones came in white, and young girls are going to claim that it’s all about female empowerment and taking the sexual power away from men.

(Incidentally, it isn’t women who are dressing Rihanna in hot pants and the best blazer since Hi-De-Hi, it’s men. It’s always men.)

Right minded people are going to say “Blah blah blah, anorexia, blah blah, unhealthy role models for young girls, blah blah,” but that’s like blaming cats for asthma. You don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, or slaughter cats because they make you a little wheezy.

There are bad role models out there, but at the same time, if you dwell on the bad, you miss the good.

What I’m saying is that ‘young girls are always going to dress older than their age.’ They did in the 90s, did people blame the Spice Girls and “GURL POWAH!”? Some did. But then ‘Stop’ came out and everything was right in the World. Just because the stone wash jeans that Kylie and Sonia were past their navels doesn’t mean that they weren’t sexual. It was what they represented that was sexy; the girl next door with Kylie, the two sisters that you might’ve pulled, with Mel and Kim, and the dumpy ginger nounce that might’ve got slipped one if Siobhan Fahey turned you down.

Just because it’s become more obvious, and turned into an easily merchandised commodity doesn’t make it any better or worse. It’s just easier to spot.