Food charity Sustain has recently released research that shows that 75% of hospital food contained more saturated fat (that’s the bad fat, apparently) than a Big Mac. As well as having a dangerously high level of salt. 

Why is this surprising for anyone? 

There’s one good reason that a Big Mac is better than food in a hospital.

Because a Big Mac is awesome. In every way, shape or form, it’s brilliant. That can be said for Quarter Pounders, Chicken Selects, and even the lowly Happy Meal. McDonalds burgers, however dangerously unhealthy for you in large doses (thank you Morgan Spurlock) can sometimes be brilliant. 

Suffering from a terrible hangover that bacon just can’t beat? Get yourself to McD’s and have a massive greasy burger. You’ll either slip into a coma from dehydration from the combination of so much salt, or you’ll lie on a settee like a turgid seal waiting on a hot rock, waiting for the Eastenders Omnibus that will never arrive. 

This is clearly going to be even more bad news for Andrew Lansley; he’s still stinging from having a haircut that even a Thunderbird would send back. I bet people in hospitals will still take out the gherkins though. 

Someone get McDonalds into hospitals and I promise people will leave happy; no one can be sad after having a McFlurry.