This is how we feel about this series of The Apprentice. It’s just not very good compared to previous years. Where’s Claire and her AK47 of bullshit? Or Ahmed and his plate smashing antics? (Well, that was Big Brother, but imagine that malarkey going on in the boardroom. Brilliant.)

There’s no stand out characters making us hate our lives and yearning for the hours spent extolling how awful ‘Character A’ is compared to ‘Character B.’ God, that ‘Character A’ is such a bitch. What was she playing at not listening to ‘Character C’? And spitting at Karren. 


We’re not bothered that Katie went, or how irritating Jenna is. Truth be told, this may be the final time we watch The Apprentice. Unless they have a good batch of contestants for the Interview Stage. We love us some Claude Littner. 

But, as promised, here’s a joke from @kriswould. We all know that thats the only reason you’re here. We’re not stupid. 

Bankers vs Hipsters. On this episode of the apprentice, both ends of the wanker spectrum collide.

Now be off with you. Rebekak Brooks is on TV, so there’s bound to be somewhere that needs mopping.