Its Thursday night everyone. And just like every other Thursday night, it means that Friday is just around the corner, and with Friday comes the opportunity to stuff ourselves with food from establishments that we’re not sure are entirely kosher (or legal) and drink things which would make a monkey’s stomach rot. Or as we’ve started calling it, Peter Andre’s Meal Deal. 

We’re sorry, but if you were going to open a restaurant, wouldn’t you make sure that the said restaurant didn’t give people cholera. 

Well that’s the rant over, here’s some words about what to, and what not to, watch tonight.

One To Watch

E4 from 8:00 onwards

It’s a bit of a cheat this one because it isn’t just one program, but two. Yes, TWO. It’s The Big Bang Theory, which has some brand new episodes for us to watch and then laugh at like prehensile morons, and 2 Broke Girls, which although only onto it’s second episode, shows the promise to make it into one of Wagging Finger Of Shame’s favouritest program list (coming soon). It’s rough around the edges, and smacks of lazy comedy, but if the writers pulled their fingers out and toned some parts down a bit, it could be something magnificent. 

What Not To Watch But Say You Have

Long Lost Family, ITV1, 9:00pm

Davina McCall used to be the big shit when it came to primetime TV. She presented Pop Stars: The Rivals before moving onto Big Brother and dominating all TVs for over ten years. Her, and our, summers were full of her not saying ‘fuck’ or ‘bugger’ and getting occasionally pregnant. But like most things, Big Brother ended, and McCall struggled to find work that reached the calibre that was Big Brother. Long Lost Family is just another one of the things that Davina McCall can add to her CV that doesn’t carry much weight with anyone any more. Like Kate Thornton. She’s the blonde McCall. 

Over sentimental bullshit that relies on Davina McCall’s ability to make people cry. Avoid unless you want to cry yourself to sleep, and we’re not some emo teenager. We know better.