We can blather on about how great TV is, or how important it is that good TV is put to it’s best use, but The Apprentice is on tonight and that’ll make everything else seem alright. That train that you missed? Doesn’t matter, The Apprentice is on. Got shat on by a bird (and didn’t pay for it), doesn’t matter, The Apprentice is on. Basically, the only thing you should know is that The Apprentice is on. 

If you do want to watch something else, or want to fill in the time between watching The Apprentice and then reading our hilarious catchup, then we’re suppose there’s nothing wrong with that.

One To Watch

Archer, 5*, 10:30pm

We could talk about how fantastic Archer is, or what it means in the grander scheme of adult animation, but instead we’ll leave you with this. 


One To Say You’ve Watched

Peter Andre: My Life, ITV2, 7:00pm

It’s a bit of shame that the man who brought us ‘Mysterious Girl’ has to stoop to shilling his brother’s cancer to make a new series on ITV2. It could possibly be the lowest point of his “career” and he’s gone down on Katie Price before. 

Tonight, Andrew (Pete’s brother) undergoes more tests to see whether he actually has cancer, and not like Katie Price claimed she had in her little finger, and Peter takes a stroll down memory lane. 

We’re boring ourselves just writing these words but expect lots of footage of his children and Peter Andre crying about what they mean to him. If this man could monetize crying he would be a billionaire. 

But he wouldn’t because he’s such a nice guy.