Life is very difficult. It’s not even 9 o’clock and you’ve already had to decide what you’re wearing and how to do your hair (and that’s just the hipsters). So let us decide for you what you should watch tonight. We’re very kind.

One To Watch

Grandma’s House, BBC 2, 10:00pm

If you didn’t see the first series of Grandma’s House, we’ll forgive you, because we almost gave up on it after the first episode. We couldn’t decide what it was trying to be. On one hand it’s a semi-autobiographical account of Simon Astell’s life, but on the other, it’s a test to see how wacky and irreverent Simon Amstell can be. Which is great. Pop World was one of the crowing glories of T4, but when put against a background of familial turmoil, it distracts from what else is going on. And this is where the best parts of Grandma’s House lies. 

With actors like Rebecca Front, Samantha Spiro and Linda Bassett bring the triumvirate of the most convincing mother-daughters relationship that I’ve ever seen on TV, it’s sort of a shame that we have to include Amstell at all. Which may sound like an insult, but it isn’t. We honestly like Simon Amstell. 

One To Say You’ve Watched 

Olly: Life On Murs, ITV2, 9:00pm

Generic ITV2 documentary that follows Olly Murs around his life, being cheeky, dancing, flirting with young girls who should know better, and generally being a dick. You can blag it by saying:

  • Weren’t his desert boots lovely looking?
  • Look at his hair. Who did it? Doesn’t it make him not like a potato?
  • Chinos, chinos, chinos.

There’s not going to be anything here that you didn’t already know. Move along. 

David Bowie should probably send Gene Hunt in to get some retribution for ruining one of the best songs ever written.