If I could sum this collection of words and dots (and maybe some dashes) in one phrase: you shouldn’t care about Community, because Community is awful and should be sent where TV shows go to die. 

I’ve seen my fair share of truly bad comedies; The Green, Green Grass, The Watson and Oliver Show, these are just two examples of shows which aren’t very good at all, so I feel totally qualified to point out that Community is exactly the sort of thing that should be taken out back. 

But why? I hear you shrieking at your iPad or other, frankly rubbish tablet.

Well mainly because it tries too hard. It wants you to know that it’s funny, but instead of leaving us with bruised ribs from laughing so hard that we didn’t think we’d ever recover and have our own story in Bella or Chat about our Hilarious Dungeon, it gets a bit overpowering and slightly unnecessary. 

Quippy dialogue and snappy jokes are all well and good, but having a character talk like he’s just stepped out of a 1950s TV screen gets tiresome before it gets entertaining, and having Chevy Chase in it as some slightly predatory older gentleman is misguided. 

Even Betty White, a woman who seems to have reinvigorated her career by being the only old lady on TV to act like she has a true disdain of the human race can’t seem to lift the first episode of the new series (also, whoever thought White should be a dick in Lake Placid should get an Oscar to revived careers). 

The only, slightly redeeming feature was the mumsy, yet also with an undercurrent of dark, dark repressed rage of Shirley. Having her bubble away with the possibility of her pan flowing over is all that should be keeping you coming back.

It certainly isn’t because of Joel McHale who looks like Kevin Bacon’s cousin doesn’t he?