Behind every great man is an even greater woman

Whoever said this clearly wasn’t a tabloid journalist, or someone who writes for the Daily Mail. Because it seems that you’re ranking in society, or achievements in life don’t make any difference when you’re standing next to another woman. 

How do we know this? Because Samantha Cameron has visited America with her giant glans of a husband and all everyone can talk about is who is dressed better, and not what benefit two wives of two of the World’s most powerful men can do once they compile their resources and influence. 

Obviously Sam Cam only has influence in her ra-ra mates who own vast estates and have names like Huntingdon-Smythe, and like to vacation at places that probably don’t even sell English Breakfasts, the monsters. But Michelle Obama, the grooviest, lip smackingest President’s wife since Dolley Madison is one of the most influential black women in the World, with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people clamouring to emulate her. She teamed up with Beyonce to dance and try and save fat kids from being fat. In front of the World’s press. And sent H&M into the fashion stratosphere by wearing one of their dresses at a proper fancy engagement. This woman is a tour de force when it comes to popular culture.

This woman is an important part of the make up of America. She’s a woman who’s got her own career behind her and isn’t just coasting along with her rich husband while fannying around with paperclips and ring binders on the side. Michelle Obama has her own law license, she is the Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago and has even earned more money than the actual President of the United States. 

So why is the World’s press insisting that all of their (mainly her) achievements are simplified to who’s wearing the best outfit? 

What women are wearing is important, but instead of pitting them off one another and see which one is better dressed, why not just applaud them both for not dressing like extras from Geordie Shore and looking as good as what they can, despite their appearance being  picked at like Sunday’s chicken on Monday morning? 

Give them a break, Samantha has to sleep with David Cameron. She needs as much sympathy as possible.