NEW: Got some Digital Marketing Qualifications

During Lockdown 2020 I’ve worked hard to keep my brain ticking over and really putting time and effort into bettering myself and learning a lot of new skills. I started in Fashion As Design with Coursera that looked at the history of fashion and it’s societal impact. That was pretty fascinating.

Once I’d achieved this, I moved onto developing my skills in digital marketing, working through Google’s Skillshop and dipping my toes into the nuts and bolts of Facebook.

This led me to starting a professional qualification with Chartered Institute of Marketing that looked explicitly at Digital Marketing, taking in the principles and practice of marketing, marketing communications (online and offline), and digital marketing strategy, culminating in ending the course with a Merit.

If you want to read the coursework I created as part of this course, click the links above which will take you straight there. Amazing, right?